Dead Men
Iron Brothers
The Decadent and Depraved
The Divide

The Deputy
Desert Rose
Only God Forgives
American Fishtrap
The Terrible Trio
Five O'Clock

Best Actor (Feature) Nominations 
Tate Smith - Iron Brothers
Ric Maddox - Dead Men
Michael Muntz - The Decadent and Depraved
Perry King - The Divide
Gary Carpenter - The Peace Makers

Best Supporting Actor (Feature) Nominations  
Porter Smith - Iron Brothers
Richard O. Ryan - Dead Men
Ben Mortley - The Decadent and Depraved
Brian Kaplan - The Divide
Steve Shaw - The Peace Makers

Best Actor (Short) Nominations 
Dimi Castro - The Terrible Trio
George Meyers - Hell Comes to Montana
Brandon Ray Olive - Rustlers
Michael Brian Rawlins - The Deputy
Will Sturgeon - Prey
Chaz Lee - The Show Down
Lance A. Williams - American Fishtrap
Travis Lee Eller - Only God Forgives
Brian Southerland - Gage

Best Supporting Actor (Short) Nominations
Rusty Locke - Hell Comes to Montana
James Reynard - Red Rose
Zachary Hokeah - Prey
Jim Kelly - Only God Forgives
Chasen Parker - American Fishtrap
Travis Farris - Rustlers

Best Actress (Feature) Nominations 
Sasha Higgins - Dead Men
Isabella Jacqueline - The Decadent and Depraved
Sara Arrington - The Divide
Marcie Shaw - The Peace Makers
Maria Karpathakis - Danny Lou & Donna Starr

Best Supporting Actress (Feature) Nominations
Marisa Quintanilla - Dead Men
Li Akerman - Danny Lou & Donna Starr
Davilia O'Connor - The Decadent and Depraved

Best Actress (Short) Nominations 
Kaitlyn Sponheimer - The Terrible Trio
Kate Cobb - Desert Rose
Johanna Smitz - For It Is Written
Katie Dalton - Red Rose
Nora Woods - Thunder Ridge

Best Supporting Actress (Short) Nominations
Darya Gemmel - "The Alluring Frontier
Hannah Barefoot - Gage
Montserrat Garcia Marquez - Thunder Ridge

Best Child Actor Nominations
Luke Colombero - The Divide  1st
Sonja Athey - The Chameleon Kid  2nd
Parker May - The Peace Makers  3rd
Matty May - The Peace Makers  4th

Best Director (Feature) Nominations
Royston Innes - Dead Men
Perry King - The Divide
Jordan Prince-Wright - The Decadent and Depraved
Josh Smith - Iron Brothers

Best Movie Poster Nominations (Facebook/East Polls Fan Vote)
Top 5 Winners are:
Glenrowan 1st Place
The Peace Makers 2nd Place
Blood Is My Name 3rd Place
Dead Men 4th Place
El Duelo Weird! 5th Place

Best Director (Short) Nominations
Ryan K. McNeal - Desert Rose
James Di Martino - Five O'Clock
Daniel Ståhl  - For It Is Written
Kyle Kauwika Harris - Prey
Robert York - Rustlers
Chasen Parker - American Fishtrap
Nicholas Callais - The Chameleon Kid
Tino Luciano - Only God Forgives
Adolpho Navarro - The Alluring Frontier
Keith Wilhelm Kopp - Gage

Best Cinematography (Feature) Nominations
Russ Rayburn - The Divide
David Michael Conley / Justin Duval - Dead Men
Daniel Quinn - The Decadent and Depraved
Josh Smith - Iron Brothers

Best Cinematography (Short) Nominations
John Gordan Halo - American Fishtrap
Philip A. Anderson - Gage
Wojciech Kielar - Desert Rose
Brock Childers / Ryan Tucker - Blood is My Name
Titus Fox - Prey

Best Comedy Western Nominations
Danny Lou & Donna Starr
The Peace Makers
Lonesome Gulch
The Show Down

Best Score Nominations 
Johanna Smitz - For It Is Written
Opal Agafia - American Fishtrap
Travis Lee Eller - Only God Forgives
Gusi Gusano - The Request (El Encargo)

Best Documentary Nominations 
West End
Ridin', Ropin' & Jumpin' Over Cars
Sandhills Cowboy
Western Jubilee

Best Student Film Nominations 
The Terrible Trio
The Chameleon Kid
Red Rose
The Decadent and Depraved

Best 1st Time Feature Filmmaker Nominations
Iron Brothers
The Divide
The Decadent and Depraved

Best 1st Time Short Filmmaker Nominations
The Show Down
The Chameleon Kid
Red Rose
Thunder Ridge
Hi-Five The Cactus
El Duelo Weird!
Sandhills Cowboy

Best Horror/Thriller Nominations 
Thunder Ridge
The Request (El Encargo)
Aruka Waiipu
The Alluring Frontier

Best Foreign Film Nominations 
Danny Lou and Donna Starr
For It Is Written
Draw Your Gun
The Snowboys
The Condemned (The Hat Trick Trilogy, Part I)
El Duelo Weird!
The Request (El Encargo)

Best Modern Day Western Nominations
The Divide

Best Film Trailer Nominations
Back To Billy
Death And Compromise
Not The Stars
Blood is My Name

Best Animation Film Nominations
Desert Gate
The Custer Wolf
Hi-Five The Cactus

Best Rodeo Film Nominations
West End
Ridin', Ropin' & Jumpin' Over Cars

Best Stunt Nominations - (The Jerry Vance Award) 
Heather Woods - The Deputy
Rusty Locke - Hell Comes to Montana
Ashley Tsunoda - Only God Forgives
Noah Woods - The Deputy

Wild Card Winner
Hell Comes To Montana

Best Originality Film 

Best Faith Based Film
For It Is Written

Best Music Video
Ride with the Devil

Best Experimental Film
The Operator

Best Sci-fi
El Duelo Weird!

Best Web Series
Lonesome Gulch

Festival Directors Choice - Feature 
The Decadent and Depraved

Festival Directors Choice - Short

Festival Directors Choice - Student Film
The Chameleon Kid

Festival Directors Choice - 1st Time Feature Filmmaker
Iron Brothers

Festival Directors Choice - 1st Time Short Filmmaker
Red Rose

Festival Directors Choice - Foreign Film
Draw Your Gun

Festival Directors Choice - Horror/Thriller Film
The Request (El Encargo)

Festival Directors Choice - Comedy Western
The Peace Makers

Festival Directors Choice - Documentary
Western Jubilee

Festival Directors Choice - Best Music Score
Opal Agafia - American Fishtrap

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"Madelyn Wild", by Amber Lindley TWBFF GRAND WINNER OVERALL 

The Divide, by Jana Brown 1ST PLACE
36 Notches, by William Instone & Jason Virgadamo 2ND PLACE
Devided, by Lawrence Whitener 3RD PLACE
The Ghost Town, by Richard Goldstein DIRECTORS CHOICE

The Rifle, by Diana Lee Woody 1ST PLACE 
The Prodigal, by Stuart Creque 2ND PLACE
Blood Is My Fate, by Zach Ball 3RD PLACE
Gun Shy, by Rachel Barrett DIRECTORS CHOICE
The Legend Of El Alacran, by Leonard Lay HONORABLE MENTION
Land West Of Arkansas, by Gerald Huckleberry HONORABLE MENTION

The High Ground, by Ingo Neuhaus 1ST PLACE
Something of Value, by Richard Maker 2ND PLACE
Clementine, by Chris Kato 3RD PLACE
Rio San Pedro, by John Martins III 4TH PLACE
The Iron Horse of Lucy Steele, by Paul E. Zeidman 5TH PLACE
Glenrowan, by Matt Holmes WILD BUNCH WINNER
The Vengeance of Eleanor Dumont, by Tim Northburg  WILD WEST WINNER
Saragosa, by Rey Ramirez WILD CARD WINNER
The Southard Brothers, by Eddie Nickerson 1ST DIRECTORS CHOICE
War Brave, by Andres Rivera 2ND DIRECTORS CHOICE
Showdown On The Brazos, by Bill Foster HONORABLE MENTION
Valley Of The Gun, by Shane Hagedorn HONORABLE MENTION