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Above Snakes - Coleman Dobbs has returned from prison seeking revenge on the judge who sentenced him. What better way to extract his revenge than by taking the only thing the judge really cares about. His daughter. But can it really be just that easy?

A Cowboy Lullaby - Music Video, taken from the short film Ol Cowboys and Dreamers

A Guide to Gunfighters of the Wild West - One of 12 Westerns made in 12 months during 2020, the film tells the story of Tate Butler, a man who accidentally earns a reputation as a gunfighter and must face various gunfighters trying to make a name for themselves by challenging him, while trying to escape this wild life for the girl he loves.

Arizona Ghostriders - A YouTube channel devoted to all things Old West. From history to how we relive it today in movies and in performances.

Am I More Than You Bargained For? A bounty hunter tracks down his target. But gets more than he was expecting and must make a difficult decision.

Bass Reeves and the Brunter Brothers - U.S. Deputy Marshall Bass Reeves and lawman Wyatt Earp set out to find the notorious outlaw gang The Brunter Brothers.

Bible of Wolves - “One of mine. All of yours.” On the open range, a father is hunted by the demons of his past with a son who's inherited the sins of the father.

Billy The Kid 3D - (Trailer) Billy is a simple cowherd. After the murder of his wife, he leaves for the "Red Lands" in search of two killers: The "Storm brothers".
During the trip he will be helped by a native American named "Hawken Eye" and a corrupt Sheriff.
Will Billy get revenge for his wife?

Buckin' Bulls: The Story of Ty Rinaldo - Ty Rinaldo is a former PRCA ranked bull rider. After a wreck with a bull ended his career, he turned his attention to becoming a stock contractor, providing elite bucking bull athletes for the PBR World Finals, the National Finals Rodeo and many events in the Rocky Mountain region

Cassidy's Revenge - A Silent revenge story. A crooked sheriff, ruthless outlaws, and poor little Cassidy. You will laugh, you will cry, you wi..., well some people will! And they will enjoy this nostalgic look at old time film making. Comedy, stunts, drama, action, fun.

Courage - It's 1870 in northwest Texas. After a bloody shootout in a hole-in-the-wall saloon, Texas Jack Slater, a notorious outlaw, kidnaps a widowed saloon girl, Zeta, and heads west.

Deadly Sanctuary - (Modern Day Western) A reporter, is drawn into an evil web of conspiracy working for a newspaper in an isolated small town, where she strives to uncover the horrifying secret of a vanished reporter, two dead teenage girls and an attractive cowboy.

Dear Rodeo - The Cody Johnson story - Johnson’s hit song, “Dear Rodeo,” paints the heartbreaking picture of how the rodeo was his first love that got away. But a four-minute song isn’t enough to tell the full story of his move from the rodeo to the radio.

Everybody Misses Me (But My Missus) - Official music video for "Everybody Misses Me (But My Missus)" by Seth Kessel

Fade In Texas - Fade In Texas is a Documentary Film highlighting the Entertainment Industry in Texas.....and more specifically, the Western Entertainment Industry.

Fortune Teller - Kate Warne impersonates a fortune teller to track down a dangerous bank robber.

Framer - Written, directed, and starring children just 9 years old and younger, this Western tells the tale of one cowpoke's devious plot for a bank robbery.

Great Train Robbery - This commercial for Western Trading Post Gallery and Auction House pays homage to one of the first westerns ever filmed, The Great Train Robbery. In this green screen short the crew from Western Trading Post travels back through time and encounters a group of bandits set on robbing their auction house!

Hell Sings for the Damned - A lone cowboy is searching for something but finds more than he bargained for.

Jack Wyatt and the Gun from Hell - After rescuing a mysterious drifter from certain death, a gold miner named Jack Wyatt is gifted a cursed pistol with unspeakable power. Little does he know that a gang of outlaws, led by the evil Thane Maddox, is searching for the notorious Gun from Hell.

John Wayne, the Patriot - John Wayne was the most popular actor of the 20th century, the personification of a confident and unabashed America. For millions of viewers, he was the ultimate cowboy, a war hero, and an indomitable character. Forty years after his death, it is time to discover who lies behind the legend.

Killer Miller - Inspired by the Best-Selling novel, "Killer Miller", follow Texas Ranger Henry Miller on the trail of a couple of outlaw brothers. He'll try to bring them in peacefully, but with a name like Killer Miller - some people are just better off dead.

Lady Bandit of Arizona - Based on a true story of a Canadian woman, born in Ontario, who was so enthralled after seeing Buffalo Bill's Wild West show in the late 1800s, that she decided she wanted to move out west. She not only moved out west, she became an outlaw, known as the Lady Bandit of Arizona.

Lost Outlaw - In 1885, a gang of outlaws takes over a Chinese gold mining camp. One of the outlaws is faced with a decision of loyalty after meeting a woman of faith.

Mescal Movie Set - Mescal Movie Set is reopening and is available for filming. This video gives directors and producers a look at its potential.

Outlaw - Set in the old west, a wounded bandit on the run takes refuge in a seemingly quiet barn, only to find himself trapped.

Nolan - 1800's western, Nolan goes to break his brothers out of jail, with the help of two other outlaw gangs...some comedy....great gunfight...ends well for towns people.

Perdition - After losing a loved one, Mathews is caught off guard when Lilith shows up in the middle of the night seeking help, when her husband shows up looking for her,

Pony Express - While delivering mail through the dangerous western United states territories, a Pony Express rider is thrown from his mount. Injured and unable to make it to safety, Billy is forced to wait and hope that a passerby will take pity on him.

​Promise - Ransom, a retired contract scout for the Union Army, compelled to move on from his tragic past, embarks on a deadly mission with gunfight battles, double crosses and an unexpected showdown to find out what happened to his true love Tess and her little girl Promise.

Rojo Cabello Pistolero - Trailer - After being left for dead, and then being found by two Indian gun fighters.

Rowdy Jackson, The Scout & The Tracker - A short western about Judge Parker and his lawmen in Indian Territory of Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Rowdy Jackson, US Marshal is sent to bring back two men for questioning in the death of two cowboys found on the banks of the Arkansas River.

Saving Grayson - Following the results of the American Civil War in 1865, Albert Grayson travels home to Illinois accompanied by his younger brother Sam. Sam, being too young to have joined the war four years prior, came south on a promise made in 1861 to help his brother on his journey home.

She Rides Bulls - Darlene believes she has the right stuff to make it in the mans world of Professional Bull Riding: fearlessness, strength and that touch of crazy that compels you to keep going when every cell in your body cries for you to quit.

Silence - An Irish Immigrant, a veteran of the American Civil War, lives isolated in the loneliness of the world, mired in depression or madness

Smoking Gun - A old bartender is ready to close up his bar due to tough times when a couple of previously rebel soldiers turned outlaws enter the bar and stir things up.

Soothsayin' Saloon - A frustrated cowboy bursts into the Soothsayin’ Saloon, demanding to know who hung up his wanted poster. The local soothsayer asks why he’s bothered by it, and in a show of arrogance the cowboy insists he’ll never get caught. With a smirk and a song, the coy soothsayer then launches into a bait-and-switch musical number about the likelihood of his future taking a sharp turn for the worse.

Spaghetti Western - PEHG Productions presents an homage to the western all'italiana! A short film about a girl who knows her physics. Starring Hadley Teaster, Ben the Dog, sixteen other kids, and the voices of the Virginia Tech String Project.

State of Rodeo - Take a journey through the backroads and byways of the State where the first Cowboys began the tradition of cattle ranching and rodeos. State of Rodeo follows the stories of the people that keep the Rodeo tradition alive and explores the 500 year history that binds generations of Floridians from the first Spanish explorers, to the Native American Cowkeepers, pioneer Cracker families an even today's urban Cowboys, this is Florida, this is the State of Rodeo.

The Adventures of Bandit and Wild Wes - One of 12 Westerns made in 12 Months, this silent western tale follows the crazy adventures of Wild Wes and his four-legged companion as they search for the outlaw Slippery Slim.

The American Frontier - The American Frontier looks at Hollywood’s depiction of the Old West. With archival footage and scholarly interviews, the film examines the influence of Westerns and how it impacts society through its portrayals of Indigenous people, gun culture, and the idolization of cowboys.

The Ballad of Emma Wright - Out in this small desert town, Emma Wright dreams of moving to the more modern and fast paced lifestyle of New York city. Her husband, William Wright, is a hard working, caring, and honest man. Emma realizes there is no way she can ever leave this town or her husband for the big city life - unless......

The Bank Robbery - A gang of incompetents outlaws tries to rob a bank.

The Count - After a bitter outburst injures their kindhearted friend, two slow-witted ranch hands hatch a fanciful plan to remedy the troublesome situation.

The Face - A story of Isabella, the daughter of a slain bounty hunter, who must deal with her father's last job. Hiding out in the Northwest American Wilderness, amongst the haunting beauty of the Montana Rockies, she waits. Not knowing whether her father's captive is indeed the infamous outlaw 'The Face' or just an innocent man.

The Four Horsemen - A western-short, set in 1874 - 75, “The Four Horsemen” follows the exploits of a notorious and vicious outlaw gang hell bent on thieven' and killin' anyone who gets in their way. When they push the local law too far, the townsfolk are forced to call in reinforcements.

The Last Bullet - Set in the 1880 frontier of Texas. Two children are suddenly thrown into the role of protectors of their family and cabin against vicious outlaws.

The Last Horse Race - Lost footage of the last horse race at the Tombstone Driving Club was found by Lefty Write, and what a great horse race it is. If you like old time comedy this is a must, but don't think it is all fun and games. Tragedy, perseverance, and energized riders grease the wheels of this event. Don't miss the last horse race.

The Last Stand of Bobby Coe - An aging gunfighter treks out to the desert to settle an old score... but his estranged granddaughter is hot on his heels with a plea to make.

The Pleasant Valley War - One of 12 Westerns made in 12 months during 2020, this film tells the incredible true story of America's bloodiest family feud. Told through a combination of documentary interviews and traditional Western scenes, The Pleasant Valley War tracks the fallout between the Grahams and Tewksburys which led to a ten year battle and cost up to fifty lives.

The Stranger - Two Outlaws are faced with a dilemma as an intruder gets closer to their hideout. One man is eager to gun down the unsuspecting stranger while the other believes that shooting the man will be a grave mistake.

tHe uNspoken bAdge - 1881... an aged bedridden sheriff struggles to separate tattered realities as his family watches death tap the carcass of his mind since dwindled brittle.

The Woman Who Robbed the Stagecoach -  One of 12 Westerns made in 12 Months during 2020, this film tells the true story of Pearl Hart, a female outlaw who became famous for robbing a stagecoach and escaping prison in Arizona at the turn of the century.

You Gotta Have Faith - Music video sung by Nick Nicholson

Warning: No Trespassing - A serial killer, who was abused as a child, is sought after many victims turn up. The town experiences drug deals and murders, the result of a crooked deputy!

Wasteland - Two rugged cowboys, stranded in a barren wasteland, play chess on a chest full of gold. Winner gets the last bullet in a revolver, for all the gold in the world is meaningless when you're stranded in a scorching desert with no water.

Z West - a group of western must fight zombies for their lives.

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