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50th Anniversary of "The Cowboys" Event
50th Anniversary of "The Cowboys" Event
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​A Cowgirl's Song - An aspiring teen singer goes to live with her grandmother, once a country music legend, but has fallen on hard times after the death of her husband five years earlier. Starring Cheryl Ladd, Savannah Lee May, Rachel Cannon & Darcy Lynne Farmer. 

A Dark Destiny - After a debilitating traumatic experience that leads to an even greater incident, a West Texas police chief battles with mental fatigue while continuing to try to protect and serve. (Modern Day Western)

A Gun, A Hat and a Horse - Documentary asking Western Film Stars and fans what makes Westerns so special to them. With Robert Fuller, Alex Cord, Charlie LeSueur, Peggy Stewart & Johhny Crawford.

Apache Girl - "Apache Girl" is a tribute to the valiant, indigenous Apache women enduring acts of barbarity and whose heritage and lives were stolen. During the Apache War beginning from1861 and lasting until about 1924--the Americans battled the Apache warriors stretching from Southern Arizona to New Mexico. Amid the atrocities of both military and civilian Americans against the native Indians, two brave Apache women rise above their People-- Lozen and Dahteste.

Artist of the Southwest - TV series trailer - Traveling the southwest states of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, this show will bring the unique artist of this vast area to life. The show will also be focusing on the style of art along with the artist themselves. Featuring Bobbi Jeen Olson.

Bad Day in the Dragoons - Bad guys use the Dragoons as a refuge, unfortunately something unimaginable is there waiting for them. 70's style horror western, grab some popcorn and enjoy. Lots of stunts and F/X's. 

Bang Bang - In a world where grown-ups have a price on their heads. Two unlucky bounty hunters search for the last two wanted men alive.

Blood is my Redemption - After years of being hunted by the law, an aged and weary Man in Black struggles to find meaning in his life. Yet hope remains in the company of good friend, who is determined to help the old cowboy regain his strength, pride, and humanity.

Bottled Up Poison - A woman finds love and peace until her ex comes to this peaceful town that has no sheriff. This short western was filmed in two days with two people, one actor and one cameraman, except in only one scene, where two more actors jumped in. Somehow, fifteen characters have a part in this film. Not only was it a quickdraw process, but quick costume changes too.

Buckskin - Set in 1820, a Texan fur trapper journeys into the mysterious Buckskin woods in the hopes of saving a lost young boy.

Burrito's First Christmas - A Christmas Bedtime Story - about the little Burros that knew and loved Jesus...were they special to Him? We are told the story of "Burrito's First Christmas" has all the charm of "The Littlest Angel" and has been endorsed by dozens of Pastors and Christian households. For two years, the author tracked burros - mares with foals - to photograph and illustrate the story with all kinds of wild animals from Arizona's Sonoran Desert.

Checkmate - Former US Cavalry Captain Zachariah Coleman, leader of the notorious Coleman gang, is falsely accused as the killer of teenaged Joleen Miller and her family. Zack is tracked down by U. S. Marshal Coleen Randal and her deputy Jonathan White Eagle. In the Black Rose Saloon, Zack and his Blackfoot bride Bearmedicine come head to head with Marshal Randal and her deputy in a deadly game of chess.

Cold Blood - Set in the future, a corrupt and cold-blooded sheriff misuses an inmate for personal purpose.

Desert Flowers - A revenge story on the surface, of two estranged sisters coming together to find the man that killed their father. Throughout their journey, they find that blood is indeed thicker than water, and sisters are more important than vengeance. In this scene, the sisters run into trouble on their travels and find that they are both more than equipped to take down the bad guys.

Eye for Eye - What cattle king Brad Braddock wants he gets. He wants Sheriff Quint Reagan’s small ranch, and he wants a Latina beauty, widow Lola McLaughlin. Sent to harass and frighten, Braddock’s men kill Reagan’s pregnant wife, Consuela. Reagan leaves his tin badge on Consuela’s grave, and with Winchester, scattergun, and Colt, rides alone against a hundred.

Fangs vs Spurs - When revengeful vampires attack, a group of self-centered cowboys must band together to save their town from utter destruction.

Gunfight At Deadman Wash - When an outlaw gang attacks an Army transport and steals the strong box containing Army payroll, they may just make a bounty legend tracking them richer than he could imagine.

Gussy - Gussy does her best to explain to her next victim, the reasons he must die.

Hagen's Horse Hotel - Short promotional video of woman who hosts travelers with horses

Hart of the Wild Bunch - A Wild West gang of runaway women find themselves destitute after a chain of unsuccessful heists. Benevolent leader Cassidy Hart must leverage her authority when one of her rebel followers rallies the group around a very dangerous scheme.

Headin' For Mexico - Set in 1880's Texas, a mountain man in search of the man that killed his brother. A whole wagon load of characters along the way. Authentic Costumes and props, enjoy.

Heart Cycles - A modern Day Western - Two grown daughters seek out the first love of their depressed widowed mother. A very heart felt story with a lot of humanity that has been widely praised. The phenom of later in life of thinking of your first great love - how are they, where are they, do they think of me - is a universal feeling.
Praised not only for the film itself but how it broaches the subject of dementia and Alzheimer's.

I Crashed my Drone in Texas - Based on a true story which morphed into a Country Romance song . The narrative lends itself readily to the imagery of a music video. Filmed in Texas and regional Australia. The song has been sound produced by one of Australia's leading Country musicians Bill Chambers.

Just An Old Barn - A woman returns to the place where her grandfather gave her many life lessons. Starring award-winning singer/songwriter Sheril Rodgers.

Just Western - The bounty hunter returns to San Creed with loot. On the way, he stops in the saloon to quench his thirst, at that moment an unusual guest appears in the saloon, ready to destroy all the hunter's plans. Will the hunter reach the destination?

Kill Them All And Don't Come Back Alone - Carol tries everything to rescue her daughter, who has been kidnapped by the "Rubio" gang after the bank robbery. All hope seems to fade for Carol, even praying.

Macy Ray and the Legend of Dead River - In the heart of the Central Florida plains live Macy Ray and Kelly Mae, crime-fighting teenage cowgirls with a reputation for kicking butt and saving the day. When the long-dead, legendary Coleman Brothers mysteriously appear and begin terrorizing Kelly’s family ranch, the two best friends team up with some unexpected allies to face the ghosts and save the ranch in an adventure sure to be their most challenging yet.

Meteoric - When two couples simultaneously discover a meteorite landing site, the claim to the celestial object becomes a battle of wits, gender, and a declaration of true desire.

Miner's Candle - Granted with a new ambitious start on life, a silver miner finds himself caught up with the devil and a bad hand.

Patagonia Justice - Fate is a strange thing, some people it throws lemons at, and they take those lemons and make lemonade, other folks it walks up and bites them in the seat of the britches

Prairie Pirates - A wanted bandito’s celebrations are interrupted by a traveling Sheriff who’s looking for a drink and an answer to a growing threat in the west. The scheming bandito only sees the swinging bag of gold from the Sheriff’s hip…

Return to Remembrance - After the civil war, a soldier goes west in search of his family.

Robo Hills Texas - Nothing much ever happens in the quiet, sleepy town of Robo Hills Texas.... until today. When 2 strangers appear in town it is up to the town sheriff who is on the brink of retirement to determine who is good, who is evil, who is right, who is wrong and who will live and who will die. Is it the end of the story or just the beginning?

Rogue: The Western - 1870s New Mexico, a black American saloon girl plots her escape from her backwater town and devious employer. Her plans are complicated when an old flame rides into town asking for help -- and she witnesses an act of violence that makes her question her decision to leave.  

Shooting Star - When Star's little sister, Blaze, is injured in a horse riding accident, she enters in a shooting competition in hopes of winning enough money to get Blaze the surgery she needs so she can walk again. Starring Drew Waters, Brooklyn Michelle, Peter Sherayko, Jake Busey & Robert Craighead.

Showdown In Yesteryear - Daryl Dumwoody is a down on his luck wannabe cowboy. He stumbles upon a mysterious old door, once entering he unintentionally sends himself to the old west. Now Daryl finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime, where he finds love, fights outlaws, and learns where he truly belongs.

Showdown on the Brazos - The year was 1887, in a little-known town in Texas situated on the banks of the Brazos River. Brazos was once a quiet and peaceful place to live and raise a family; but that was before the Nate Jones Gang rode in. As soon as they arrived, they took over. And the once peaceful town became so corrupt that travelers took longer routes to destinations in order to avoid traversing the streets of Brazos. It was reputed that the population of Brazos, Texas consisted of more murderers and thieves than the ticks on a hound, and these outlaws far outnumbered the few honest and good who remained. Many secret messages were sent to the Governor begging for help, and he finally responded by sending the Pinkerton Agency to clean up the town and arrest the outlaws.

The Bountress - A modern day western, ‘The Bountress’ follows the story of Leila, a troubled young rule breaker recruited into an academy where young girls are trained to kill. Essentially assassins on horseback, and in the secluded depths of the wilderness, Leila is soon to discover that the darkest secrets lay close to home...

The Church - A short faith based old west film depicting Christian hypocrisy vs. Faithful.

The Cowboys (50th Anniversary Screening) - Rancher Wil Andersen is forced to hire inexperienced boys as cowhands in order to get his herd to market on time but the rough drive is full of dangers and a gang of cattle rustlers is trailing them. Starring John Wayne, Bruce Dern, Al Barker Jr., Nicolas Beauvy, Robert Carradine & Slim Pickens.

The Drifter - Dawn Anita sings about the loneliness of the Drifter as he drifts thru life! Song written by Rita Smith sung by Dawn Anita, the Drifter is played by Andrew Charles Koch.

The Hanging of William Cane - William Cane's desperate need for financial stability to provide for his family leads him to robbing a bank. Will this bad decision be his final one?

The Purgatory Saloon - The Purgatory Saloon, creepy characters in creepy surroundings. Ghosts, demons, fallen angels, and accident victims of a variety of times and places. Sit back, relax and enjoy a fascinating tour through the near hereafter at the purgatory Saloon. You're half way there (place evil laugh here) !!

Travis Mills: Man on a Mission - He took on the task of making 12 westerns in 12 months--and he's not stopping there. Here is his story.

Thrift Store Cowgirl - Music video by Aurora LaRay

Time Will Let Me - We all make choices in life, and some of those choices could possibly impact our lives in monumental ways. When Ricky tells his girlfriend Nicole about his new invention which will change their lives she is naturally skeptical until an elderly stranger steps in and gives her a glimpse into events that might or might not happen.

Trinity - In the midst of westward expansion, an African American and former bounty hunter is forced to take a job to right past wrongs, changing who he trusts and how he lives.

Warren's Gold - After his family gold is stolen, young cowboy Warren must decide how far to take his revenge.

What a Drag - Welcome to a video tour of the Mescal Movie Set. Lots of information about the movie set and lots of stunts. Come on along with Wild Woolly Productions and see what's new at the Mescal Movie Set.

Woman with No Name - A pursuit of identity through space and time causes a law woman to wrestle with not only doubts about the reality around her, but also with herself. 

Wyatt Earp's Oriental Saloon - Come see a historical landmark where gunfighters like Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, Bat Masterson, and Luke Short worked, drank, and played, yet I repeat myself. The Oriental Saloon, serving hot lead and cold beer since 1880.

Zorgon The Wonder Horse - A shy little boy stumbles on a magic toy horse that magically transports him back in time to the Old West where he has to become the hero he’s always wanted to be, or else risk not making it back home in time for dinner.

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