Balas Y Boleros - a Mariachi Tale - A follow up and proof of concept. Inspired by the great Robert Rodriguez's neo western Mariachi trilogy.
She was kept hidden for decades. Deceived her entire life. Now 20+ years later, just like her father. She's back to settle the score with someone. Anyone. Everyone.

Bounty for Bernadette - Bernadette pulls her sled through a snowy mountain landscape in search of an outlaw with a big cash reward on his head. But when she finally finds him, her problems are just beginning.

Buggy Barn Museum (Film Location) - Step Back in Time....Come film at the one and only Buggy Barn Museum/Pine Moore Old West Studio; located in beautiful Blanco, Texas. We have a fully functional old west town with everything you need to get your film, music video, commercial, documentary, etc completed. We have a Texas Rangers Headquarters with jail, saloon, church, gallows, cemetery, saddle shop, post office, cabin, homestead room, mercantile room, meeting room, barber shop, dentist room, stable, and 3,000 event room for holding/wardrobe/etc. We also have many props, wagons, horses and wardrobe. It's your one-stop shop for your filming needs and not far from the big cities to make travel easy.

Cochise Legendary Warrior - The short film, “Cochise… Legendary Warrior” opens with the historical and spectacular Cochise Stronghold--a luscious forestry, full of small ranges, extending north-south for 20 miles, expanding from San Pedro Valley to the west and Sulphur Springs Valley to the east. The terrain consists of many narrow ravines, sheer cliffs and other hard-to-reach places—making this an ideal dwelling for Chiricahua Apache Indians and their famed chief Cochise, for several years in the 1860s. From the top of its hill stands Yones, a female Apache in her 40’s. The year was 1861.

Currie - Before Flat Nose George Currie ran with the infamous band of robbers headed by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, he enjoyed a simple childhood by the ocean in Prince Edward Island, Canada. In 1901, his sidekicks - Kid Currie and Josie Bassett - travel to his birthplace without him and share the soon-to-be-forgotten legend of Flat Nose.

Dark Side of the Moon - A lawman and a prisoner play a deadly game beneath a full moon.

Dead West - A woman recounts her fateful meeting with Death itself.

Dog Boy - Vera Summers, a Hollywood movie star of a certain age, is about to lose it all. No longer at the top of her game, she is offered the leading role in a Western. Vera bets on the prospect of this new film to be the saving grace she desperately needs. Her chance encounter with a freeloading Navajo cab driver, who is struggling with his own demons, opens a series of events that will change each of their lives forever in this comedy-drama that was shot in Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Monument Valley.

Double-Crossed in Durango - With the creation of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, industry in the southwest is booming with a wealth of opportunity for all and untold riches for those who seek it. With their luck seemingly running dry, a band of unexpected travelers find themselves taking on the great challenge of robbing the train in Durango, Colorado to Silverton. Will they encounter their vast fortune or will their adventure end in a derailed catastrophe?

Dust and Bolts - In a mechanical desert town, a group of bandits hijack a train carrying precious cargo. A reluctant deputy must seize the train or leave their town without power.

Far Haven - In 1887, Hunter Braddock moves to Far Haven, Arizona to start over with his two young children, but when his father-in-law is brutally attacked, he must take on the corrupt forces strangling the town in order to protect what he loves most.

For Better or Worse - When the Covid-19 virus swept the nation, countless number of people were affected. This is a story of one man's frustrations as he battles the limits of the government placed sanctions, when his wife contracts the Covid-19 virus.

Gammons' Greed - An 1880s gang robs a bank and finds a map that leads to a gold mine in an abandoned Western town. But their greed for gold wakes up the Ghost of Gammons, and he wants his gold back!

Geronimo's Revenge (Teaser/Trailer) - Teaser trailer for upcoming feature film, "Geronimo's Revenge".

Go Camp with Aurora LaRay - Dodge City, KS - Documentary with Aurora LaRay as she visits Dodge City, KS.

Goin' Home - When a small band of Apache’s escape from their reservation to seek revenge for the unnecessary killing of a young Apache girl, the commander of Fort Bowie is forced to send out a detachment of troopers to track them down. Informed the Apache’s had left the area, and believing no hostile activity was present, Colonel Roberts sends out B Troop – an obnoxious, ill-tempered, and bigoted group of men Roberts is desperate to remove from his command. With this one last patrol, Roberts can muster them out or reassign them, not realizing the fate that awaits them.

Harsh Wilderness - Unfairly exiled from her home and marriage, Verna must find common ground with Beatrice, the woman she hates, to survive the Harsh Wilderness of the Old West.

Hell's Gold - Two robbers attempt to hoodwink a religious, sharp-shooting cowboy who just found the largest gold nugget in the area. Playing on the cowboy's religious dedication, the robbers decide to approach him as priests in hopes of convincing him to donate his gold to the church. A subtle comedy, “Hell's Gold” uses humor and tense emotion to reveal the true intentions of the robbers. As the robbers realize they’ve been found, the two decide to turn on each other in hopes of making it out alive.

Hollywood's Last Real Cowboy: The Gene McLaughlin Story - The film, “Hollywood’s Last Real Cowboy: The Gene Mclaughlin Story”, features a world trick roping champion who was also an actor and stuntman on TV and in the movies. McLaughlin started performing trick roping on the Boardwalk in New Jersey as a young child and competed in rodeos and performed trick roping well into his late 80’s.

Hostile Territory - Three different perspectives lead to hostile interaction between westward companions.

Jack Higley Shouldn't be a Cowboy - As told through entries in his diary, Jack Higley learns the hard way that the cowboy life isn't for everyone. Inspired by a true story.

Joe Crist - Former bounty hunter, Joe Crist, awakens from a 40 day coma to find he has been 'touched' for a higher calling -

Keep Your Mouth Shut - Miners can't keep from bragging about their gold find and find themselves in trouble.

Letters to Daughter (Teaser/Trailer) - After her father's death, Jane found out that her real mother was the notorious gunslinger Calamity Jane. So, she decides to travel to the West to collect some letters that Calamity wrote for her.

Lex Talionis - A gruff renegade drifter crosses paths with a young girl in the desert whose family has been brutally murdered and trains her to enact justice.

Lulu's Back In Town - A Western-themed music video. A lovestruck man sings about his preparations for a much-anticipated visit from the woman of his dreams, only to be unexpectedly jilted.

Not The Same - (Music Video) What if, in far west, two men stalking their old version of themselves?

Provide - Micheli Oliver grapples with her relationship to the outdoors, she looks to her family and the ways they love the outdoors for guidance. A film centered on ethical hunting, fishing and a family's love for each other and the wild.

Re-Branding 101 Tales of Sir Winston - Brach Kirkpatrick infamous cattle thief is planning his next big caper. He has gathered 4 or the meanest orneriest, most reliable cattle thieves in the business. Stealing cows and re-branding them was extremely risky in the old west. Just being caught with a hot iron could be a hangin offense. Hot on the trail of one of the outlaws, Sir Winston Richard McKintosh Hamilton III, stumbles on the hideout. He came in search of one man but might have to fight the whole crew before anything can be settled. Old west gunfight humor and think of vaudeville or Abbott and Costello collide with Benny Hill. 

Robo Hills - Robo Hills is a Time Travel/Sci-Fi/Old West film which follows the adventures of 3 or 4 Time Traveling friends from the year 2030 and their search to rid the Earth of demons who are taking human form. 

Silver Sins (Promo Campaign) - Promo campaign for upcoming film "Silver Sins".

Sister - In 1865 rural Texas, two women from very different backgrounds forge an unlikely bond after killing a man and covering up his murder. As they try to move on with their lives, the local Sheriff and his Rangers begin to close in on the women. When their plan to flee the state goes awry, one of the women is forced to make a deadly sacrifice in order to give the other a shot at escaping.

Six Days to Die - Filmed at the height of the pandemic before vaccines, SIX DAYS TO DIE was shot one-actor-at-a-time on green screen, with all performances composited together on virtual sets. "Parched, ragged, and dragging a heavy iron chain, a lone Gambler hobbles eastward through the endless desert. Not even a day behind him, a blood-thirsty Marshal in a priest's collar exterminates everything in her path, hellbent on catching her prey. When the Gambler inadvertently rescues a young boy from a town gone mad, the boy sticks to him like glue as they escape together before the Marshal arrives to burn the town to the ground. But when the Marshal finally confronts the Gambler, he must make a terrible choice if he hopes to escape with his life."

Somewhere Outside Lemmings - In a cold afternoon in 1870's Michigan, a bounty hunter happens to run into an old acquaintance outside of town, and as the conversation unfolds, the history of their relationship is slowly revealed, and the future of it is swiftly determined.

Spaghetti Cowboys - Witness the modern wild west as a group of big city construction workers follow the American dream into the countryside to live out their own spaghetti western.

Teller's Camp - A bitter grudge between two gold miners grieving over the same woman leads to a stolen map and deadly consequences in 1854 California.

The Ballad of the Westwind Kid - When wanted outlaw and long-time friend of the local Sheriff rides into town, they try to reconcile their past while concealing his presence from the county Marshal. Based on the original song "The Ballad of the Westwind Kid" by Brumby.

The Boonashy - Lem tirelessly seeks the prized Boonashy, a notoriously taxing creature to hunt. But then a gang of three gets in his way...

The Church, Part 2, The Remnants - In the end there will be few.

The Counterfeit Kid - Jack, a simple farmhand sets out to make a name for himself, ending up on the trail of a buried treasure. Unfortunately, he's been impersonating the infamous outlaw "Bloody" Ben Harris. Now, he will need all his friends to help him outwit Harris, find the treasure, and return to his true love Olivia.

The Hunt for Jack Kincaid - On the western range a young woman hunts down the outlaw that killed her father.

The Killing of Billy the Kid - Buffalo hunter turned Sheriff Pat Garrett devises a plan to track down and kill the infamous Billy the Kid.

The Last Resort - A ghost story set in the old west. In a lawless land, Colorado territory 1873, justice will prevail. Sometimes the spirit of a Bounty Killer never dies.

The Oldest Posse - In the American Old West, a Deputy Marshal puts together a posse of retired lawmen to go after a deadly outlaw. The men must navigate not only the difficult territory at their old age, but also the changing world around them.

The Ranger - In the 1800's, a grizzled, trail-worn Texas Ranger crosses paths with a mysterious young girl. The Ranger is a tortured soul, searching for his destiny. His life is about to change in ways he can't imagine.

The Reckoning (Teaser/Trailer) - Trailer for the feature film "The Reckoning".

The Redemption - After a man is beaten near death by three bandits, a woman sets out to get her redemption.

The Return: Wrath of the Ravishing - The outlaw Jagged Jane runs into a trio of women hellbent on revenge against an evil sheriff.

The Ride To Tres Cuerdas - A short old west faith based movie inspired by the biblical passage "The Walk To Emmaus".

The Roping Fools - "What is trick roping"? The Roping Fools documentary offers a view into the rich, and almost underground culture of this western sport.

The Shed - When a determined prisoner refuses to talk, a dastardly villain turns to unorthodox methods of extracting information in this short western comedy.

The Strange Story of Blasting Betty - A lone woman enters a saloon in the wild west but gets into all sorts of trouble with the locals.

The Weight of the Badge - An old west lawman is torn between his own best interest and his duty to uphold his oath. This is the story of a man's struggle between fulfilling his oath and his own personal well-being. It will resonate with first responders and military personal as they face this crisis daily.

The Woman Who Cried, Ringo! - The town crier believes the notorious Johnny Ringo is in town and tries to warn the folks of Tombstone, but nobody seems concerned.

These Hands - (Music Video) Chronicle of the life of a man's hands

They Don't Make 'Em Like Willie Anymore - (Music Video) "They Don't Make 'Em Like Willie Anymore" is a "love letter" of appreciation for Texas singer-songwriter Willie Nelson's music.

Time for Another Killing - Town has lent all their horses to the government for General Custer with the idea that if anything happened to them the government would reimburse them. The corrupt mayor of the town, Morton Bennett, has been intercepting the money and killing off the couriers for the town. Luke Carson, after being run out of town 10 years ago after being accused of robbing the saloon, returns for the funeral of the last sheriff. He finds himself being the new sheriff in town as vows to get to the bottom of these killings.

Touched - A quiet 1890s town is scandalized and bewildered when a dark stranger passes through, robbing them of their innocence, financial well-being, and life. But, are things really the way they seem?

Twenty One at the Belle Saloon - A female cardsharp hell-bent on revenge challenges a dangerous man to a high-stakes game of Black Jack, or "vingt et un" as they used to call it. Intrigued, the man takes her up on the game, thinking it would be an easy win. But he has no idea who he's up against...

You Are My God Thing - (Music Video} will be featured in up coming Short Film, KIELIA. Faith based song about the love of family.

You Just Can't See Them From The Road - An immigrant family in California’s Central Valley faces the loss of their land and way of life. One of the few remaining ranchers in the Bay Area watches urban sprawl creep in from every direction. Cowboys work in the shadow of the historic Hearst Castle. One of the largest Black landowners in the state discovers Native American artifacts on his ranch. You Just Can’t See Them From the Road is a documentary portrait of modern West Coast ranchers—invisible to and misunderstood by the rapidly modernizing society they sustain.

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