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Bobbi Jeen Olson
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Bobbi Jeen is also the producer/director and Host of Western Trading Post TV on the Cowboy Channel, which is an award winning reality show, going into its third season (24 episodes) on national TV. 

Bobbi Jeen was featured in world renowned western artist Tim Cox painting “Her Own Kind Of Heaven” and is the face of Wild Instincts, a high-end leather clothing line. Bobbi Jeen also works alongside the Arizona Film Commission as a Film Resource Coordinator for Pinal County.  

Bobbi Jeen is intricately involved in her community, not only local, but the Western community, which knows no borders. Bobbi Jeen loves to keep our Western heritage alive to pass on to the next generation. On any given day you may find her working at the Trading Post, with horses and cattle, teaching youngsters the cowboy way, or see her portraying it in print and film. Find out more at
Rowdy, Bobbi Jeen & Jim Olson
6th Annual Int'l
Photo by "Brave Fox Photo"
Jim Olson is a published author, historian and co-owner of Western Trading Post, a historic Trading Post which traces its roots back to 1877 in Arizona. He also stars in Western Trading Post TV, an award winning reality TV series which first appeared on National television in the
Fall of 2018. 

Rowdy Olson is an award winning film student with numerous projects under his belt and striving for the chance to excel in the field.
Rowdy Olson
Bobbi Jeen Olson
Jim Olson
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Bobbi Jeen Olson
Bobbi Jeen Olson is a professional model, actress, stunt double, TV Host and Co-Owner of Western Trading Post. She is also a real-life cowgirl! 

Bobbi Jeen has appeared on the cover of various magazines, been the subject of high-fashion photo shoots, runway shows and appeared on-screen in both television, film and doubling for many famous actresses doing stunts. She co-hosted the Miss Rodeo America Coronation for the Wrangler Network, produced/directed and hosted many Fashion Shows, including one which aired nationwide on RFDTV/The Cowboy Channel. 
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The Q&A's for the "Shootout" Event will be emceed by our Festival Award Show Host.... 
Bobbi Jeen Olson!
Pick of Jim Olson, Nicolas Beauvy & Bobbi Jeen Olson from an event in Vegas in 2019.
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