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A Devil In God's Country
Two Brother’s, Francisco and Miguel plan to get revenge on Skinny Bill; the man who shot their brother. Just at the moment they could have killed him Skinny Bill escapes and leads the bothers into a freak show where they must defend themselves against an evil clown and a bearded lady.

A Gunman's Hand
A thirsty gunfighter walks into a dry saloon. Hell ensues.

American Gunslingers (Trailer)
Two young brothers of different races witness the brutal murder of their parents. Reunited as men, the maps tattooed on their arms lead them to the cache of jewels stolen from the murderers.

Arizona 1878 Una Historia Del Viejo Oeste
Two prisoners from the Yuma Arizona prison, now have freedom.

Western/Country Music Video

Blood is My Fate
A brave mother must journey through harsh territory to save her child. A past she tried to forget comes back to the forefront in this original western thriller. 

Born Still
Left behind in the wake of the Civil War, the women of the homefront have a battle of their own that deems itself equally as desperate, challenging and bloody as the soldiers on the front lines.

Breakfast at the Sunset Saloon
In the Old West, a wicked salesman has created a Saloon of broken promises. His paradise falls when a girl comes to save her brother.

Bring the Gun
Modern Western - A first-time bank robber must escape a heist alongside an unpredictable partner in order to survive.

Broken Bones
Serving at Fort Stronghold was a dream for BB but now after the onslaught of the Indians the only hope for saving his skin is to reach the border...

Calamity Jane 1882
The famous holster Calamity Jane must face the local sheriff, "Rubio", head of the gang of criminals known as "La Manada".

Calf Rope
A former rodeo champion and cattle auctioneer from Oklahoma bonds tightly with his young grandson during the summer of ‘66 while teaching him a few tricks from his previous trades. Shot entirely in rural Pennsylvania, Calf Rope captures the intense love that grandparents often share with their grandchildren and the legacy that lives on long after they have gone.

C-Bar episode 2
The Barnet family is under seige from the John Doe family. Dockie knows this has to be resolved and the only way is for John Doe and his family to die.

Clear Creek
In the late stages of the Wild West, a priest meets a old gunslinger in the woods. When they encounter a wanted outlaw, things go awry, forcing the priest to make a mortal decision.

Docents of San Juan Bautista Historical State Park
A short Documentary about the docents who volunteer at the San Juan Bautista State Historical Park

Faces of Destiny
A hand of poker goes bad, but who is the real cheat?

Five of Spades
5 vignettes - each in an alternate-dimensional Western setting. There is no redemption in this lawless land where the Devil reigns supreme and all hope is lost.

Ghost in the Gun
A man left for dead encounters a possessed gun and transforms into a gunslinger bent on avenging his wife's murder, but unbeknownst to him the gun has a vendetta of its own. 

A couples romantic journey through life.

Go On
Colorado 1866. An old Gunslinger is threatened with eviction while harboring a runaway.

Her Name Was No One
Two battered and cunning sisters unleash hell in a desert town run by a murderous band of cut-throats.

Hung Up
Shattered texan latina bull rider Patty "Duke" ricks paralysis to ride again and reclaim her glory. This film updates the modern-day cowboy mythology to a cowgirl mythology, telling the story of the injured-but-indomitable Patty "Duke".

In The Blood
In the old west, Sartana rides into town to score some cash, form a gang and settle a score. His ex Dolores has been hiding out with an unwitting suitor. She has secrets and they are catching up with her. She means to skip town but her beau confronts her looking for answers and she doesn’t make it out in time before having a shootout with Sartana and his gang.

Incident At Guilt Ridge
Dev and Jonas are two likable rogues on the wrong side of the law. They enlist in a scheme to steal a payroll for a powerful mining baron who is out to exact revenge on his business rival. The scheme sounds easy, the heist will occur in a deserted ghost town with only two guards for the money. Dev and Jonas get more than they bargained for when they discover the deserted town has dozens of regulators waiting for them.

I've Got Your 6
When a WWII veteran escapes from the nursing home to go see his farm one last time sets a path no one could have imagined. The deputy who finds the man soon bonds with him as they realize they both served in the Army during war time. When a battle begins over when to bring in the WWII veteran in, other veterans some to protect the WWII veteran. This movie was filmed with all US Military Veterans appearing on camera.

Javelina Run
Two idiot ranch hands pretend to be fugitive train robbers to get attention from the ladies at an old west saloon.

A teenager cares for her younger sibling and multi-ethnic local orphans in the face of danger after her Grandmother is killed surrendering to the Mexican Army toward the end of the Texas Revolution.

Literal Cowboys
When you can't believe you ate the whole thing. And really wish you hadn't.

Looking for Jack
This is a short western film about a group of outlaws who who were previously killed by a bounty hunter named Jack. They are now living in eternal purgatory in a saloon where they lure in unsuspecting bounty hunters and use there magical powers to play evil games on the guests.

Magnificent Stranger
A group of outlaw cowgirls burying their former leader after a heist gone wrong. As a stranger appears wanting to join their gang.

Miracle In The Valley
A 13-year-old girl, born out of wedlock, is scorned by many in her small town. She struggles to find her place in the world and desperately searches for the truth about her real father.

Murphy's Law
It’s 1897, Northern British Columbia. Outlaws, Billy and Clara, gun down vigilantes about to hang Mary-Jo, their older sister. Mary Jo, who hasn’t been feeling well of late seems to be getting worse. Her younger sisters realize Mary Jo has “the strange rabies”. Clara fights to save her. Maybe she’ll get better and when they get to Dawson City they can start to live a life of peace? Billy wants to end Mary Jo’s hurting, hit the road and continue living the life of an outlaw. There’s nothing they can do for her why can’t Clara see the hard truth? But one thing is for certain, there’s no way to solve their problem without one sister dying and we realize that in this story, ‘good’ is relative.

No Angels in the Shape of Men
On a young family's journey toward a better life, the father is haunted by sacrifices made along the way.

Shot in the style of a modern day western, "Outlaws" tells the gripping story of a robbery gone wrong. Two women, Cisco and Franny, are hiding out in a warehouse as they are forced to reckon with their values, livelihood, relationship, and what really matters the most -- innocence, or freedom.

Out West
Out West, a sweeping, old west TV series. This show has many colorful characters and wonderful southwestern locations.

Pleasant Canyon
A western tale of two Irish brothers at odds, Pleasant Canyon takes place in California territory of 1896. Two years after their father was shot in Carson City, Dusty O’Banion finds out his younger brother Jasper has been caught robbing banks - a wild scheme to store a cache of money for their now destitute mother. Dusty sets out to free Jasper from the hands of a US Marshall and escape south to Mexico.

Prospectors "The Forgiven"
The Steady escalation of crime in a growing town right after the civil war has an effect on several locals as to how to deal with the travelers and gold prospectors.

Radical One
A Chinese immigrant to the old west finds herself in a spiritual battle as her christian faith is tested. She wants revenge on the man who murdered her husband but her faith commands to forgive.

A poetic meditation on the relationship between ranchers and landscape. 16mm film and digital cinematography intertwine in this documentary portrait of the past and present lives of two aging cowboys in Gila County, Arizona - while also exploring the filmmaker’s personal connection to this western history and mythology.

Soldier's Heart
When two kids show up at Frank's cabin, the civil war soldier and now bounty hunter, is lead on a journey of self discovery while dealing with the pain of soldier's Heart, now known as post traumatic syndrome.

Spindletop: The Beginning
A young Pattillo Higgins leads two Union Soldiers on a chase which culminates in a showdown outside of town. Based on the real story of the man responsible for bringing the oil industry to Texas.

In a dystopian future, enforcement has been corrupted and created a society of outlaws. One man intends to run from his past but when it returns to him, he'll have to decide his future.

The Door
A middle aged man finds a mysterious old door in the woods. Upon entering, unintentionally sends himself to the old west and ends up having to fight a violent outlaw for his survival.

The End
Animation - We continue to follow a cowboy on his path into the empty nothingness of the desert after he rides out of the town he just saved.

The Last Cowboy
Story and song about The Last Cowboy working the range.
Song sung by Rust Richards (Sons Of The Pioneers) Song writer Jenny Richards for her dad.

The Law of the Land
A desperate man with a troubled past makes a life or death offer.

The Legacy (L'Héritage - 20min)
After several years in the wild, a trapper accepts a Sheriff's job in a small town. Meeting scheduled at the Saloon with the Mayor of the city to close the deal. Unfortunately, the current Sheriff himself shows up and the least we can say, is that he doesn't intend to give up his place.

The Magnificent Mary
A young pioneer woman must gunfight a gang of outlaws to protect her father and the farm.

The Redeemer
A newly minted deputy and a vengeful Comanche widow seek justice against the malevolent outlaw that left them for dead, in this proof of concept for a darker re-imagination of "The Lone Ranger" mythos.

The Rise of Whore Betsy
"Under the Arms of a Cherry Tree" written and performed by Elizabeth Pettyjohn 
Left for dead in the 1880s Oregon Territory, a former prostitute is discovered by a young girl who nurses her back to health so she can seek revenge.

The Saga Of Montana Jackson (Trailer/Teaser)
This is a Trailer/Teaser for the upcoming series.

The Wide Wide West
Animation - Wally the Wide is a wide cowboy with an even wider longing for adventure. When his father's magical hat is stolen, he must travel to the moon to retrieve it from the Moon Goons, a notorious group of space bandits. But he discovers some things are more important that adventure...

Thurston-The Western Web Series (Season 2, Episode 7)
“Thurston” is a Western drama about the residents of a remote mining town and their struggle for survival in the 1880’s Kansas Ozarks. Some residents are fleeing troubled pasts. Others are pursuing dreams. All keep carefully guarded secrets

Trust Issues
Modern Western - Charlie and Megan, a couple whose madly in love are stranded in an unforgiving desert and bleeding out. Charlie must now lean on Megan to lead him across the border as they attempt to flee authorities. But as the sweltering sun beams down on their weary bodies trust issues start to surface that threaten the very fabric of their ride or die relationship. A shocking truth is revealed along with the harsh reality that only one of them will make it out of this grueling desert alive.

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