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A THIEF IN THE NIGHT - Be it chance or divine providence, three strangers, a drunk, an outlaw, and a preacher, share a campfire.

THE DRIFT: AN AMERICAN CATTLE DRIVE - Every year in the early summer, a group of Wyoming ranchers drive their cattle high into the Rocky Mountains, to the largest federal grazing area in the United States. The Green River Drift is an old-fashioned horseback cattle drive – in some cases, the livestock travel 100 miles – but the threats it faces are modern: roads, drilling rigs, government-protected grizzly bears, vacation homes, and the waning interest of a younger generation in this arduous and communal enterprise.

LAST STAND TO NOWHERE - An all-female re-imagining of the battle between the Earps and the Clanton gang also known as the Gunfight at the OK Corral.

WALKING PAPERS - Set in the Texas Panhandle in the 1980's, "Walking Papers" finds Joe at his post as a security guard at a rural bank, on his last day of work before being forced into retirement. As the last hour of his employment strikes, the bank is robbed at gunpoint, and Joe must then make a decision: will he let these men get away with the bank's money? Or will he go after them, risking his life to protect a bank that has shown him no mercy?

WOMAN OF THE MOUNTAIN - When mysterious gold shows up in the town, chaos quickly ensues, leaving it up to a sheriff to find the truth behind the Woman of the Mountain.

THE TERRITORY'S BEST - Seasoned gunfighter Two-Gun Greg sets out to prove himself as the "fastest gunfighter in the west" by hunting down the territory's best, but while waiting for his opponent to return, meets old innkeeper Holly who tries to get him off his dark path.

THE APPLE - Set in the Old West, a young woman and her companion are on the run from her father, a ruthless bounty hunter.

THE HELL'S DOOR - While enjoying a picnic, Alice is bitten by a snake. Wild, her love, searches for the Hell´s door to go down to Hades to rescue her before it gets too late (Story based in the Greek Myth of Orpheus and Euridice)

OASIS - A car breaks down in the desert. A young man has to decide.....whether to sell his soul to a demon for water or secure his place in heaven.

RANCH HANDS - A lonesome ranch hand picks up a wandering young woman in the desert wilderness. That night in camp, he tries to touch her...

I'VE LOVED (MUSIC VIDEO) This is a music video that is a tribute to the memory of lost loved ones.

GHOSTS OF SANTA SANGRE - The Sins of the Fathers bring Vengeance on the Generations.

ELLA - Ellen "Ella" Liddy Watson moved to Wyoming where she could vote, own property, and raise her own cattle. She married Jimmy Averell in secret so she could continue to own her own homestead. Jimmy helped her purchase her homestead, improve the property, purchase cattle and a cattle brand. Unfortunately, the two made enemies of local cattle baron A.J. Bothwell. Bothwell and his gang accused Ella of rustling cattle, kidnapped her and Jimmy, and lynched them. This is Ella's story.

THE HISTORY & COLLECTIBILITY OF ANTIQUE FIREARMS (DOC) - Renown Antique dealer Jim Olson does a presentation on antique firearms dating from 1288-1898.

WIDOW - Set in the turn of the century west, a retired gunslinger learns treachery runs thicker than blood when she finds her husband murdered. Her brother-in-law mysteriously arrives after her husband's death, taking Sara down the rabbit hole of greed and betrayal as she tries to get justice for the man she loved.

THE LONESOME TRAIL - The Lonesome Trail is about a small town in Montana in the 1890’s called Red Springs that frowns on poor homesteaders moving into the territory. Preacher Brent Carson comes to the town and changes the perceptive of the town’s peoples as he befriends a black family that is drifting through the town and he convinces them to make it their home. This creates an explosion of beliefs and emotions which divides the town among the homesteaders and those that work for the landowner. This film was exciting to write, direct and produce. I love directing it is truly my passion to bring stories to life.

LA GRINGA - La Gringa; a rough and tough cowgirl, has to change the rules to get what she wants in a small pueblo in Mexico.

ONCE UPON A WOMAN - A revisionist Western set after the Civil War in which both cowboys and Indians are struggling with personal conflicts while framed against the approach of the railroad and impending doom. In the scorched desert of 19th century territorial America, four white men (a Mountain Man, an elderly Irish Blacksmith, a Racist Indian Killer and the Killer's Innocent young adult Son) come at odds with a Rogue Apache Warrior... with the mystery of a mysterious Shoshone Woman hanging over them all.

ROAM - Suffering injuries at the hands of Native American forces, two buffalo hunters set camp near enemy territory and try to survive the night.

SLOW DEATH - Slow Death is a Western, but it is not at all traditional. The film may be set in the old West, but the mystical elements of the film are unlike anything you've seen before. Waylon, the protagonist, must deal with his violent past as he faces his inevitable future.

THE SEARCH - A cowboy trudges across a rugged landscape, searching for something he lost, or maybe struggles to let go of.

EMINENCE HILL - A trail of revenge leads a notorious killer and a lawman to a town of fanatics. Blood will flow.

BORDER DESPERADOS - The Desperados have rustled a local rancher's cattle and the crooked brand inspector sold them and the bandits are meeting in the local saloon. Meanwhile, Arizona Ranger Do-Right and Bounty Hunter Two Gun Lucy are hot on their trail. It all comes together and Nell goes to Las Vegas.

THE ROAD FROM DURANGO - On a return trip home, two modest and peaceful cow-hands make a discovery that forces them to face their morality and changes their lives forever.

JOHN DOE: A WESTERN TALE - Western tale of the local town killer by the name of John Doe as he has successfully continued to be unidentified throughout the West.

DUST TO DUST - A man of faith is tested.

POWER OF PRAYER - A lone cowboy comes across an innocent girl as two men try to rape her. After he saves her, they swear they'll be back with more men and guns. When he brings her back to her kin, he learns that they a pacifists. They claim they "don’t not need guns; they have the power of prayer.” When the gunmen return, the cowboy tries to fight them. The kin try to stop him and use the power of prayer in a way he never expected.

MOON CROSSING - Set in the 1880's, when a man lived by the western code. When a trapper's brother is killed, the town sends a messenger to tell the trapper the news, and he runs into a wagon load of characters along the way. The trapper travels from town to town seeking revenge on the killer.

THE BOUNTY KILLER - A bounty killer is hired by a Mexican landowner to rescue his daughter after she's kidnapped by a gang of outlaws on her wedding day.

A GOOD FRIEND FROM THE WEST - In 1873, Tin is a Chinese rail worker working in California, after he escaped from the railway construction. He meets a wounded treasure thief – Dan the cowboy. Tin finally decides to save Dan’s life, and Dan helps Tin to cut the chain. They become friends. Dan stole the most important treasure from a Native American tribe, and they send best warriors to take it back. 
Tin has to fight with warriors to protect his friend’s life.

COWBOY ASTROPHYSICIST - Two cowboys discuss the practical application of the Stefan-Boltzmann constant.

PRAIRIES & PLAINS - A visual tribute to the Pioneers who settled the Great American West.

SHOWDOWN ON THE BRAZOS - A small Texas town of Brazos has been taken over by a group of outlaws, known as the Nate Jones Gang. Two Texas Rangers are commissioned by the Governor of Texas to clean up the town. One Ranger, will come out of retirement for one last gunfight. Nate Jones was the outlaw who killed the Ranger's family just years prior. This time vengeance and the law are the same.

A PRAYER FOR THE DAMNED - Thirteen years after the American Civil War, several mysterious characters converge upon a strange New Mexico town on a quest for a "lost" Confederate fortune.

SMILE - Gold is found by a gunslinger who was hired to watch the comings and goings of the bustling town.

RUN FOR THE HIGH COUNTRY - A seasoned US Marshal is ambushed while tracking a murderous band of outlaws along the southern border of the United States. Left for dead, the Marshal is saved by a lost Navajo boy with whom he forms an unlikely friendship. It takes all of the Marshal's survival skills to protect them both as they take the young boy back home to Navajo country in Monument Valley.

THE INCIDENT - A gang of outlaws tries one too many dangerous things.

WESTERN TRADING POST TV - Welcome to Western Trading Post TV! You know we cannot always build the future for our youth, yet we can build our youth for the future. How do we go about doing that? By mentoring, guiding, influencing, encouraging, motivating and inspiring them. This week at the Post it's been all about that as we see how a teacher got a group of high school students interested, excited, and passionate about our old west history. We'll be learning the benefits of rodeo, 4-H, FFA and their scholarship opportunities. We get to visit with some amazing individuals who inspire others on a daily basis. Learning about hallmarks and the world famous American West photographer Edward Curtis as well. So please join us as we invest in our youth and the future

MISS HAPPY - A lady outlaw being pursued by the law robs a Spanish mission of a legendary treasure and meets the nun and orphans who help her change her destiny.

WILD FAITH - In the late 1800’s, a Civil War veteran is compelled to protect his interracial family despite the efforts of his unforgiving neighbors. But the arrival of a traveling circus train incites the most unlikely set of events that will push everyone to the limits. 

A FUSILLI WESTERN - A music video. A musical. Some sort of weird hybrid. Join our zany adventure where our hero embarks on a quest to bring two outlaws to justice.

SANTA FE STATION - An old lawman describes his past to a stranger he meets in a train station. 

As twilight lurks over an empty parking lot, a man in brown boots sits idle against his car. He slowly makes his way into a dimly lit discount mattress store. He winds through the mattresses towards an angelic woman lying lifeless on a bed. He pulls out a pair of sharp scissors and his intentions become clear. She jumps awake and he is revealed as a generous employee, just getting a coupon from his car. Don’t judge a cowboy by his boots.

DRAGON SONG - In the aftermath of the civil war, survivors Lamberic White and Spiney Shamblins remain lost in the ongoing chaos of a living hell. Lamberic, enraged by Spiney's drunken abuse of his wife Veronica, responds with grim measures, leading to momentous consequence.​

STREAM OF DREAMS - Life is bitter, dreams are sweet. A young woman lives a bitter life, but when she meets the man of her dreams, she realizes that everything can be sweet forever -- if they reach the stream of dreams.

HOLLYWOOD DON YATES - Don Yates, better known as " Hollywood" is an entertainer, Actor, bullfighter and rodeo clown. He has spent upward of 30 years in the rodeo entertaining audiences with his fearless approach to wow the crowd and build the sport of rodeo.

BILL TILGHMAN AND THE OUTLAWS - In 1915, the Wild West is a fading memory until a moving picture production company travels to Ft. Bowers, Oklahoma, to ask aging Marshal Bill Tilghman to play himself in a shoot’em up also starring real outlaws Cole Younger and Frank James.
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A GUIDE TO THE GUNFIGHTERS OF THE WILD WEST  - An old gunfighter wants to retire but his young competitors won’t let him unless he’s dead.

AMERICAN GUNSLINGERS - Two young brothers of different races witness the brutal murder of their parents. Reunited as men, the maps tattooed on their arms lead them to the cache of jewels stolen from the murderers. But on the way, they are followed by some unwanted guests.

BASTERD'S CROSSING - Cam Talcutt had the good luck to win a trading post in a card game. Now, he's stuck in the wilderness trying to run it when he learns the freight company who supplies his store won't be coming anymore. Cam is in a bad spot and might have to do bad things to survive...

BILL TILGHAM AND THE OUTLAWS -  In 1915, the Wild West is a fading memory until a moving picture production company travels to Ft. Bowers, Oklahoma, to ask aging Marshal Bill Tilghman to play himself in a shoot’em up also starring real outlaws Cole Younger and Frank James.

BLAZE OF GLORY - John Morrison, a retired Texas Senator, receives a call informing him that an old friend and Civil War comrade, Holt Collier, has died so John and his grandson travels to Greenville, Mississippi, for the wake.

CALF ROPE - A heartwarming tale of the love & legacy that often exists between grandparents and their grandchildren.

CATCH THE BULLET - A US Marshal, aided by an Indian scout and a town deputy, ride into hostile territory to rescue his kidnapped son from a murderous outlaw gang.

CHANCE AND CIRCUMSTANCE - A Yankee and a Southerner put aside the differences of North and South at the end of the Civil War only to fight a war of Civility in the old west.

CHRISTMAS AS CASCABEL GULCH - A retired Ivy League professor heads west to discover a predicted comet. When he finds himself stuck in an unintended destination in Arizona's old west, and while grieving his past, he discoveries that he carries the spirit of Christmas.

CRUMMVILLE - It's 1968, and Gracie is sure her summer with her cousin in the small desert town of Crummville will be uneventful until a dead body shows up. She takes it on herself to help her childhood best friend, the town deputy, solve the murder.

A Civil War cavalry veteran reluctantly agrees to engage in a series of staged gunfights in a dying western town. The charade to bring in tourists turns deadly when the Army arrives, and our veteran risks losing his lady to the dashing young Cavalry officer. A final duel at high noon will determine everyone's fate. Will the blood be real this time? Based on a true tale of the Old West.

PARTS OF HER PRAYERS - A serendipitous moment bonds a rancher and an enchanting farmwoman in 1899. Though it’s their only encounter, BO and LIGEIA fall in love. 

PTARMIGANS HOUSE - A lonely woman in a marriage of convenience must brave harsh winter mountains to rescue her gruff, injured husband, and maybe win his affection as well.

PURGATORY PLAINS - 1863: Angelica, a young Asian uplifts and moves to Purgatory Plains after her husband’s brutal killing. She meets two confederate sympathizers, Shame and Reb, on the run for Murder and Bank Robbery.

REVEREND EZRA TOMBSTONE - Domestic violence forces a young cowboy to gear up as a reverend and set out on a grim mission only to cross paths with two women, each fueled by hatred due to a tragic past.

ROBO HILLS TEXAS - Nothing much ever happens in the quiet, sleepy town of Robo Hills Texas.... until today. When 2 strangers appear in town it is up to the town sheriff who is on the brink of retirement to determine who is good, who is evil, who is right, who is wrong and who will live and who will die. Is it the end of the story or just the beginning?

ROUGH STOCK - .Ryan Davis, a former marine, and his younger brother Mike try to make ends meet in the small desert town they call home. When big-city crime finds its way to their doorstep, Ryan relies on his training to turn the situation in his favor.

SHADOW FLATS - While making their getaway from a bank robbery, a band of outlaws and their female hostage have to cross land said to be haunted by an ancient tribe of Indians. One by one, the gang fall victim to whatever evil lives there, and old secrets are finally revealed. 

​SHE WAS THE DEPUTY'S WIFE - This Sunday, in a frontier town, a man is due to hang. If Sheriff Bob gets his way, this accused “horse thief”, Paul, will die before the pastor begins his weekly church service. But there are two forces who don’t want to see him killed.

SHOWDOWN ON THE BRAZOS -  A small town in Texas, "Brazos" has been taken over by a group of outlaws, known as the Nate Jones Gang. Two Texas Rangers are commissioned by the Governor to clean up the town. One Ranger, will come out of retirement for one last gunfight. Nate Jones was the outlaw who killed the Rangers family just years prior. This time vengeance and the law are the same.

SILVER BILL MINER -  A polite and well mannered robber, a gentleman bandit, spends years in and out of prison robbing stage coaches and trains ands searched for love.

SIX SONS OF A BITCH - Six brothers set out to fulfill their deceased mothers last wish and end up unlikely heroes of the Mexican Revolution.

SKY CITY - A greedy explorer pays a reluctant guide to lead him to a lost city of riches, at any cost – even if it costs the life of a friend.

SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED HERE - A man stays behind to wait for his wife to come back as the last remaining people leave a dying town.

THE OLD ONES - A feisty girl must rescue her bossy older brother from a forest accident, but they both need help from a legend neither of them are even sure exists.

THE OUTLAW JOSEY FROM WALES - After learning his brother is missing a mistaken outlaw must leave Wales and travel to America to find him. With the help of a one eyed Indian tracker and a gay sheep herder. The three leave an everlasting mark on western history.

THE REDNECK AND THE ROBOT - Opposites attract despite opposition, when a roughneck cowboy falls in love with a robot, but can she love him back? 

THE UNSPOKEN BADGE - An aged small town Sheriff in 1881, since retired due only the evil hands of dementia, searches for peace in the last few hours of his life.

THE VENGEANCE OF ELEANOR DUMONT - After making a name for herself as a gambler, tough-as-nails Eleanor Dumont is robbed of her ranch and money, making her swear on oath of vengeance against the man who wronged her.

TIES THAT BIND - Ties That Bind is a faith-friendly coming-of-age story set in Texas, circa 1871. A French poet once said, “A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.” This is true for WESLEY BOGGS, a strong, naïve, and impressionable eighteen year-old.

TO WRITE A LETTER - A pioneer woman and her cowboy husband part on bad terms after a quarrel, then both decide to be first to apologize – but they may have waited too long.

TREASURE MAP - Over centuries, an ancient map promising fabled treasure falls into the hands of one eager searcher after another – but the map’s dark secret may not let them keep what they find.

WREN BONE - Familial relationship, and the boundaries of love and hate are tested when a Sheriff must confront a cult leader terrorizing a small western town.

SIRINGO: Undercover in the West - A TV series based on the life of the Pinkerton "Cowboy Detective" Charlie Siringo, who spent two decades working undercover across the violent American West, infiltrating gangs including Butch Cassidy's. The show crosses the Western with undercover crime dramas like Sneaky Pete or The Americans, since the lawman lives as an outlaw.

SWING LOW - Toward the end of the Civil War, two women escape slavery and forge a tenuous alliance to flee the South and blaze a violent trail across America's heartland to freedom.

THREADS - Threads is a dramatic series about a pastor who falls from grace and loses everything when forced out of the megachurch he founded.